Le Minotier (The Miller) is a restaurant of Italian specialties and barbecue.

It is a refined space in an elegant setting, located at the heart of the valley.

You can savour its pastas and pizzas, enhanced by fresh products, at very competitive prices. First, this restaurant is a pleasure for the eyes: colours and dishes marry perfectly. Second, it’s a delight for the palate. Our advice? One of our essential escalope.

We also invite meat connoisseurs to book a grill, open for all hearty eaters, young and less young.

During summer, the terrace allows you to fully enjoy the nature and the idyllic settings in which the Minotier is situated.


Informations de contact

Le Minotier

Route de la Molignée, 10 B - 5537 ANHEE

t: 0032(0) 82 66 75 44

e: minotier@jardins-molignee.be

Open hours:


Open from Friday to Sunday 12:00 at 14:30 and 18:30 at 21:30


Open from Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 at 14:30 and 18:30 at 21:3